I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge of the law with others, and over the years I’ve sought out opportunities to do so. These are some examples of my presentations in the past. I try to get pictures at them when I can, although often times I forget by the time we get to the Q&A portion of the presentation. Such is life!

San Diego State University – Documentary Filmmaking Class (2/13/17)

I spoke for two hours with Professor Freeman’s documentary filmmaking class on legal basics regarding rights of publicity and misappropriation, talent and property releases, contracts, copyrights, and trademarks.

La Jolla Playhouse – Panel Speaker at The Last Tiger in Haiti (7/24/16) 

I spoke on a panel to memoir writers after a showing of the play and discussed legal rights and ramifications of writing memoirs.

Mesa Community College – Digital Video Class (5/6/15)

I spoke to Professor Steffen’s class of digital video students about the basics of copyright law, trademarks, contracts, and business concerns as they apply to film production.

MCC Logo Black steffen





San Diego State University – Performing Arts Alumni Panel (4/29/15)





I was invited back to SDSU to speak about career and networking tips for the performing arts industries.


Palomar College “Career Day” (4/22/15)

I spoke on protecting video games and multimedia assets –they even gave me a certificate! I had a wonderful group and they asked really in-depth questions, which is always a great thing for a speaker (I’m in the bottom right box).

Career Day Flyer
Palomar Cert


San Diego State University – Panel on Career Advice from Journalism and Media Studies Alumni (3/18/15)

I was invited to speak on a panel at SDSU as an alumni working in the field of journalism or media studies to give students an outside view on what they can do with their chosen fields.




Palomar College – Video Game Design Class (2/24/15)

I had the wonderful opportunity to don a suit yet again and present to Carlos Barbosa’s class on intro to game design. The class was great at listening and had very probing questions. Carlos himself, given his extensive experience in the industry, had several anecdotes to add that helped cement for the students how important these legal issues will be for them if they pursue game design as a career.


carlos palomar class

csci 161






TWiT.TV: This Week in Law (1-30-15)

twil 290 home page


I was invited to be on TWiL’s 290th episode to talk about video game law. Check out the video by clicking the image or title above.

Host: Denise Howell

Are Let’s Play videos transformative? The right of publicity, eSports contracts, and more!

Guests: Ryan Morrison, Ross Hersemann, and Lauren Hanley-Brady

Download or subscribe to this show at

We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes.

Public list of discussion points

Running time: 1:39:25


lauren twil


Video Game Developers Club at UCSD (11-25-14)

It would appear that I’m destined to keep forgetting to take a picture during these things. UCSD’s VGDC was a great group of students who were very attentive and enjoyable with whom to talk. Below is the Facebook event page as well as the first few slides of the hour-long presentation I gave to the group. I prefer to keep my slides easy to read and fun to look at, while discussing in more detail the topics associated with the slides. I also gave them a two-paged handout on copyright and trademark basics (e.g. the answers to the questions on the slides), as well as a copy of the article I wrote on finding affordable legal assistance.


ucsd VGDC FB event

 UCSD VGDC slides 1

Helix Charter High School (11/6/14)

I presented for a half-hour to the telecommunications class at Helix Charter High School about my experiences as a film production major at San Diego State University, as well as some basics on copyright and trademark law. As I, myself, took this same telcomm class–with the same teacher–it was great to give back to the students in that fashion. This was my first solo presentation, and I was a tad nervous such that I forgot to snag a picture. Instead, I’ve posted my slides for an idea of the kinds of presentations I make. None of my talking points are included on the slides, as I dislike it when speakers read their slides verbatim, but I include short summaries and tips to supplement my presentation.

helix power point


Joint Meetup Group Presentation for San Diego Programmers (9-26-13)

This was essentially the same presentation as Gam3rCon, but given to programmers and designers in San Diego. The presentation comprised of an hour-long discussion of copyright, trademark, and contract basics as they pertain to film and video game projects.


nmr presentation

python meeting

Gam3rCon (7/19/13)

2 Gam3r Con 2013 screen shot 7-19-2013

2 gamercon presentation 1 (640x480)

2 gamercon presentation 2 lagd (640x480)